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Promotes relaxation & reduces stress/anxiety

Improves sleep quality

Minimizes morning sickness

Curb unhealthy cravings​

Relieves the aches & pains of pregnancy 

Reduces the chance of preterm labor

Helps with pregnancy & birth risks (breech position)​

Strengthens the pelvic floor

Relieves back & joint pain

Increases/maintains body strength, flexibility & balance​

Prepares the body & mind for the birthing process

Gives tools to use when in labor

Helps moms-to-be bond with their baby

Helps regulates emotions & improves mental state


Improves body flexibility & balance

Perfects the body posture 

Protects the spine

Builds muscle strength​

Improves breath &  blood circulation

Releases tension & Improves sleep quality

Boosts immunity & regulates the adrenal glands​

Strengthens the heart & drops blood pressure

Prevents digestive problems & chronic diseases​

Helps focus & relax

Increases self-esteem & encourages self care

Gives peace of mind

Builds awareness & inner strength​


Develops focus & concentration

Refines balance & coordination

Develops body awareness, flexibility & strength​

Boosts self-esteem & confidence

Helps manage stress & teaches calming techniques​

Strengthens the mind-body connection

Teaches self-acceptance & acceptance of others​

Teaches to be part of a non-competitive group

Encourages healthy habits 


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