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Please ALWAYS make sure to book your class in advance : the number of spots is limited.

Piika reserves the right to cancel the classes on Monday at 9.15 & 12.30 if no reservation is made on Sunday evening at 22:00 at the latest.

Piika reserves the right to cancel any other class if no reservation is made at least 4 hours before the beginning of the said class. Thank you for your understanding.

In case of you cannot attend, please make sure to cancel your booking at least 4 hours before the beginning of the class. If not done within this period, the class will be charged. 

A minimum of 3 students is required to maintain a class.

If cancelled, a notification email will be sent to you. 

Please arrive 5 to 10 min prior the beginning of the class so we can start on time.

Please make sure to turn off mobile phones. 


Please always make sure to wear comfortable clothes.

All gear is provided.

It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach. if not, a light meal, at least two hours prior the practice, is suggested.  

If you easily get low blood sugar, bring an electrolyte drink.

In case of a specific medical condition it is essential and your responsibility to check with your doctor that you can practice yoga.

With the Momoyoga App you can easily make a reservation or cancel a class.

Do not forget to download it once you've registered!

Please contact us to book or for enquiry.


Tel: 07 70 07 34 45 


Address: 35 rue Tronchet, 69006 Lyon


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