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In 2002, my studies led me to China and without knowing it then, it would be the beginning of a deep love story with the Asian continent, its amazing culture. In 2005 I settled down in Shanghai & spent over 9 years managing events. Three years later, by chance, I discovered yoga & pilates and started dedicating all my free time to improving my practice. Gradually, I knew I wanted to learn more about Yoga: the physical and spiritual pratice that it implies. So I kept on practicing and decided to take teacher training courses, in order to impart this discipline. This is how my journey with yoga all started. 


I teach Vinyasa style Yoga (over 4000 hours of teaching) which I consider to be the most complete type of Yoga. Vinyasa Yoga combines postures (Asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayama) and meditation (Dhyana). Moreover, Vinyasa Yoga is a sequence of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling to cultivate a flowing meditative practice.


Contrary to other types of Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga offers much diversity. The pace can vary and there is no one particular sequence that instructors must follow. This flexibility allows the teacher to tailor the sequences to their own philosophy. Each class is unique and routine does not exist! I cultivate freedom and creativity, love surprises and infuse my practice with everything that nourishes me. All my classes are adapted to the audience attending. It is important to me to respect and pay attention to each student's needs and limits. While remaining free and masters of themselves, I commit myself to take my students as far as they wish into their practice. The journey and the discovery of their Self are what matter most, the postures are just a means along the path. 

I also offer prenatal and postnatal classes. As a woman and a loving mother, I have always been fascinated by what the female body goes through during and after pregnancy. I consider it a privilege to accompany each and any pregnant women through their journey to motherhood. 


Being a mom of two amazing yet very lively kids, I could not do my self practice without having them jumping all over me, disturbing me and trying to imitate me. So I started teaching them. They were my first guinea pigs and I love seeing them having fun while doing Yoga! That's how the kids Yoga classes started!

I believe that Yoga is for everybody and is suitable for everyone no matter the age or the physical condition. Dedication and practice is all that is needed! It is important to try out and explore in order to find the type of Yoga but most of all the teaching approach that best suits you !

During my 11 years in China, I also discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine and trained myself to its fundamentals in order to treat my loved ones and myself using its simple yet efficient principles. In the same time, I became a Reiki therapist.

I am now back to Lyon where I want to share my passions. Namaste!  

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