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A Reiki session lasts for about an hour with a time of discussion before and after the treatment. The client relaxes while laying on a massage table, fully-clothed, except for shoes. Comfortable clothing is suggested for treatment sessions. 


Energy is channeled to the client through a gentle, light touch in a series of hand placements along the body starting at the head.  Sessions also can be performed non-touch with hands about an inch or so from the body. The client may feel a sense of warmth or tingling in the area being treated even during non-touch sessions, but there is no massaging or manipulation of muscles.

Each hand position is held still for a few minutes or slightly longer as needed to encourage healing and promote wellness. This effect can create a deep sense of relaxation during a session and feelings of peace, calm and generally increased well-being after treatment. 

Because most experience such profound relaxation during treatment, when scheduling your appointment, please plan to allow a few extra minutes after your session to enjoy some tea and become fully alert before resuming regular activities.

Reiki is not a medical treatment, but an energy enhancement and does not replace in any way a medical follow-up.


Reduces stress, anxiety  & depression

Increases relaxation & wellbeing

Promotes deep & restful sleep

Increase balance & harmony

Helps eliminate body toxins

Boosts immunity

Increase energy flow

Improves vitality

Relieves pain 

Stimulate faster healing after injury or surgery

Supports pregnancy & helps overcome infertility issues

Relieves side effects of chemotherapy & radiation

Helps process grief & support transition

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