A moment to yourself to move, reconnect to the self, breathe, re-energize & relax.

Vinyasa classes are suitable for beginners as well as advanced students: modifications are offered.

VINYASA Not even scared !

A more sustained pace to go further in your practice. Following your own breath, we move from one posture to the next: inversions, twists, bends, arm balance postures... all is covered!

If you love to test your physical limits, this class is for you!


A dynamic Vinyasa (Yang) practice to actively strengthen and work the body, followed by a slower Yin practice with seated or lying poses held passively and for a long time. Thanks to the breath, we create a space of calm dedicated to letting go, therefore allowing the stretching and relaxation of muscles and deep connective tissue. A restorative practice to accept the present moment and let go!

PRANAYAMA & MEDITATION - class temporarily closed

Mastering, improving your breath, body cleansing techniques and meditation are Yoga.

This class is for your to Be : in your breath, focused on your body's sensations and in the Present Moment!


A dedicated class to support moms-to-be emotionally & physically and prepare them to be more confident & resilient, from the second trimester of pregnancy and after delivery : a real preparation for a peaceful childbirth and a great way to recover gently. 


A fun, creative & adventurous class to discover & respect their body. Just a moment for oneself, without any expectation for results.


A class tailored to your needs.


Bridal shower, special events with friends & family, team building: you can have the studio all for yourself. 

Feel free to contact us for further information.