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“We have all experienced a situation or a state that brings us closer to the state of Yoga, of Union. It is often a state of concentration or intense light. A state in which time is suspended. "


When she practiced Hatha Yoga for the first time in 2014, Marguerite understood that Yoga had already accompanied her for a long time through her passion: drawing.

Graphic design, her first calling, allows her to understand the motion and biomechanics of the body: matters that deeply shape her practice. Having long done gymnastics and passionate about anatomy, Marguerite thrives in the practice of asanas (postures) but also becomes aware of the subtle dimensions of the Being.


In 2019, following a milestone event, she decides to fully commit herself to the path of Yoga. With Gérard Arnaud in Paris, she undertakes a Vinyasa teacher training to share the philosophy that has become, over the years, essential for her to keep on moving forward peacefully in the whirlwind of life.


Yogini above all, Marguerite continues to explore all yoga practices including Yin and Ashtanga.


She, who used to sketch bodies in motion on paper, will accompany you with requirement and kindness to draw the best version of yourself on and off the mat.

“To best express the joy that comes from the practice of asanas in the energy of the breath in order to experience this magnificent feeling of connection with everything”: this is what Marguerite wishes to convey!



Namasté Marguerite and welcome!

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