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A profound need to get back to what truly matters, to anchor and move in consciousness led Virginie to discover Yoga Vinyasa in 2016. Passionate about travels, it is ironically not in India, a country she falls in love with and that she will visit several times, that she discovers Yoga but through online classes. The philosophy and physical practice of Yoga will slowly and naturally fit into her daily routine.


After a first year of exploring alone what Yoga is and all the interior doors that this discipline allows to open, the desire to share is irrepressible. Self-taught yogini, Virginie goes for it and teaches for a year in the Lyon region.


Grown by this decisive experience, she continues her journey in Brazil where she undertakes at the Montanha Encantada Yoga school a Vinyasa teacher training with David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner, teachers who deeply influenced her practice and introduced her to Yin Yoga.


Fascinated by all natural therapies that heal body and mind, Virginie also practices traditional Thai massage and Reiki.

Kind and radiant, she teaches a mixed Yoga: a subtle blend of dynamism and gentleness, movement and anchoring, creativity and rigor.

Namasté Virginie and welcome !

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