Globe-trotter at heart, Cécile discovers Yoga Vinyasa in 2017 when returning from a trip abroad. While finishing her studies in international business in New York, Cécile embarks on the path of Yoga and practices relentlessly with many teachers whose different approaches nurture her own practice.


She then flies to Mysore, cradle of Ashtanga Yoga, in India where she undertakes a yoga teacher training course at the Samyak Yoga School. She wants to go deeper and understand the essence of what Yoga really is. Back in her hometown, it's all decided: international trade will wait. Teaching Yoga is her calling!


After 15 years of classical dance, committed and bubbly, Cécile who defines Vinyasa as a form of dance and self-expression will accompany you and challenge you in your practice.


Namasté Cécile and welcome !